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3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Nutrition Today

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

If I had to guess, I would say that, over the years, 75% or more of my clients initially came to me with goals related to weight loss/management. For some it was about body image (want to look good naked) and for others it was more about health in general (want to feel good and live a long, active life). It doesn’t really matter what the motivation is though. The issues and solutions are almost always the same and just coming to the gym and busting ass a couple times a week won’t usually be enough. For most people, tangible results will also require some modifications to their nutrition - which can be really tough. In this short post, I’m going to share 3 of the struggles people most commonly share with me related to nutrition and some easy ways you can start turning things around if you relate.

Issue #1: Stress/emotional eating

This type of eating can typically be identified by intense, and sometimes spontaneous, cravings for particular foods (usually high in sugar and fat) or when not actually hungry. This is a habit or a pattern of behavior that’s traditionally developed over time and triggered by a specific experience like a certain a thought, feeling, and/or situation. The bad news is, sheer will power might not be enough to erase this type of habit overnight but the good news is, it can be changed with a little strategy and patience. The first step is to identify the pattern and figure out what is triggering you. By becoming more aware, you can begin to manage the triggers and disrupt the reaction.

Action Step: Journal it - when you eat something you don’t think you should have eaten, jot down where were you, what were you feeling, who was with you, etc etc. Once you start to figure out what is setting you off (a certain person, a time of day, a feeling) you can start to avoid the trap by reducing exposure to triggers, reframing your mindset around the reaction, or getting someone to help you cope.

#2: Failing to plan meals

Meal planning is very useful but often presented as something that has to be really precise and complex. For this reason, people tend to approach it with an all or nothing attitude and fail very quickly because they think they lack the knowledge, time and/or resources to manage it. But nothing could be further from the truth and just like anything else, it can be done in different stages to make it more or less sophisticated. For example, on one end, you’re eating habits are a free for all (which will get you nowhere) and on the other you go shopping every Sunday morning at 7a.m. and taking the entire afternoon to prep seven days of breakfast, lunch, and dinner, packing it away in containers before sitting down to your spreadsheet and entering all the macros (not realistic for most people). The secret to kickstarting progress is you have to do something but that something only needs to be a little better than what you are doing now.

Action Step: Take a few mins to consider how you might make some of your choices more healthy going forward. Choose things that are really small and doable for you at the beginning. Example: add 1-2 servings of produce to each meal, instead of getting your ice coffee with 3 creams and sugars drop it down to 2, if you have a sweet after dinner every night, try making it fruit a couple of times a week, if you dine out often skip the bread or appetizers and/or cut back on alcohol consumption…

#3: Portion control

One of the easiest ways to jump start improvements is to begin managing your portion sizes. Just eating less of anything can work wonders. I don’t mean you should starve yourself but if you grab a “small” bag of Doritos and eat a third of it vs the whole thing, you just ate ONE serving instead of THREE. Yeah, it’s totally unfair but it’s real.

Action Step: Start reading labels to determine accurate portion sizes and if you want to a little bonus, try learning how to use hand measuring as a guide for home cooked stuff that is measured by weight. Here is a super duper guide you can use to get started:

So, if weight loss or improved health is your goal, figure out if any of this could help you and try it out. Then next week, practice it again or, as it becomes easier, even take it a little further! The important things to remember are “If nothing changes, nothing changes” and “Little by little, a little becomes a lot”

To share your personal experience or ask me any questions, please feel free to drop a comment below. For those who are interested in more detailed support please ask me about lifestyle modification and nutrition coaching services.

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