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Q: What will you provide? Why do I need a personal trainer?

A: Some things you just can’t get with a gym membership and no matter how fancy the facility, and no matter how hard you think you’re working, you may not get results you want. Working with me will ensure that you receive all the tools and services you need to reach your fitness goals. These tools and services include, but are not limited to: 

  • More attention and direction on proper technique and form
  • Reduced risk of injury and faster progress
  • Direct accountability & motivation

  • Development of a safe & effective exercise program that’s right for YOU

  • Opportunity to ask questions and get immediate feedback during sessions 

  • Solid, consistent, non-judgemental support

  • A kickass network of encouraging team members


Q: How are you different from a trainer at a big chain gym?


A: First and foremost, I operate independently. I work for my clients ONLY. Unfortunately, in typical gym settings, trainers are obligated to promote their services at rates established by their employers with the fee for one service having to pay 2 parties - the gym owner AND the trainer - which makes affordability a limiting factor for way too many people who need the help! Also, many corporate gyms don’t require trainers to have a top certification (always ask trainers what certifications they hold!) which means you may not be getting the most safe, quality direction. 


Q: Why is it important to have a Certified Trainer?


A: National certification is your guarantee that your trainer has a quality education and is encouraged and required to demonstrate ongoing competency in order to maintain a high standard of service. However, being certified isn’t enough. To be sure your trainer has undergone formal education and passed written examination, be sure to look for certification through a highly recognized organization. Included among the most respected in the industry are: American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), and the American Council on Exercise (ACE). 
* ACE is NCCA accredited. The NCCA establishes standards of excellence for certification programs and awards accreditation to programs for registered dietitians, registered nurses, medical assistants, occupational therapists and other professions. Certifications obtained by the trainer beyond those required by law can further demonstrate a sincere passion, interest in continued education and desire to ensure the best possible service is being provided. 

Q: What is your enrollment process like? 


A: Everything begins with a consultation where we can determine what kind of program would be recommended based on your past experience with exercise, your health history, your current ability level and your goals. This helps avoid falling into a “one size fits all” approach  - detrimental to your long term success. Once we have an agreeable plan of action clearly outlined, we will complete  the necessary paperwork and get you scheduled to begin training! 

Q: What will my first session be like? 


A: The majority of your first session will be spent conducting select assessments and briefly discussing the results and how they will impact the first phase of your training. The types of assessments selected will be based on your current condition, present limitations and goals. 


 Q: What happens in a typical training session?


A: Generally, the first few sessions are spent mastering movement patterns, establishing thresholds and developing a solid system for effective communication. From there, each session and each workout will build upon the last at a pace that matches your skill, endurance and strength development be it fast and furious or slow and steady.


Q: Are there contracts ?  


A: No.  


Q: Will I get nutritional direction?

Jen is a student of Precision Nutrition - the best in class when in comes to the science of nutrition and the art of coaching. She is ready and able to give you the right advice and get better results with this enhanced offering!



Q: What is the cancellation policy?


A: Whenever possible, 24 hour notice is preferable but in emergency situations, there is no penalty. If cancellation becomes habitual, even with 24 hours notice, fees may apply and training agreement may be suspended or terminated. This will be discussed in further detail in your consultation.

Q: How do I get started?


A: Click here to contact me now for more information or to set up a free consultation. In your message, feel free to include any details you wish to provide in advance relative to your experience level and goals. And don’t forget to tell me how you found me! 

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